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walking down the street, you will find the ads everywhere, but to work every day, you will be walking down the street that advertisements are particularly impressed you? Rarely, right. Usually an ad you'll look there for a few seconds, but turned around after, in fact no information at all in your heart to stay.
ads are usually unconscious behavior, within three seconds of information cannot be received by the audience, white ads did. Three seconds in which the audience cannot be received for two main reasons: one is that design is too complex. A lot of advertising presents a lot of information, there is no information focused on, or not designed for audiences good reading order, the audience sees a loss--no one wants to bother dealing with a banner. Second, design that does not highlight the text. Many design does a beautiful picture, but no obvious textual description. Advertising is not a work of art, the most important function is to convey information. But unable to accurately convey the information, people's first reaction after seeing the picture is found corresponding to the explanatory text.

      call of the man's actions follow words. France during the revolution's Robespierre once said: "I find that our work is to use words to rule the world. "The United States marketing guru Laura Ries also spoke in the Visual hammer, nail is the most important language, Visual hammers help language nails (location language) into the customer mind more quickly.
photos help text can make people better remember that text message. Explanatory text should be easy to understand, let the audience listening to understand, and to report to others, facilitate word of mouth spread. Good advertising is designed to achieve a simple, keep text messages on focus and plan better reading order. Usually people's reading habits should be typeset text, for example, horizontal-reads from left to right way, better than vertical. Some time ago, evergrande bingquan put a version of framework design of elevator well: on a red background picture, nicely written from left to right, "a water source for global" not extraordinarily creative, but is particularly prominent.
media space is limited, in order to ensure the dissemination of results, having to save a picture using only text. Fellow chicken delivery trolley cars, a beautiful young woman with a picture of chicken soup and "fellow chicken, fast food in Anhui province's leading brand" half of the information. It's a bad arrangement: audience first to note that beauty, beauty has not yet seen, logistics has been fleeting, brand message could not be delivered. In addition, the text clear and easy to identify is a prerequisite to guarantee message, many creative makes text difficult to read, increase the cost of the information received.
is the brand and customer communication tool, designed an ad first ask not what beautiful pictures, you should do: make 3-5 seconds in front of the audience, and then asking the audience to see what information.

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