Decline of traditional media, TV and radio advertising down

 2014 years, the media market as a whole has undergone tremendous changes in television, radio, outdoor, newspapers, magazines and other ads have a certain level of change.
    in January-June, the growth in television advertising 1.9%, radio 13.1%, outdoor advertising 7.5%, newspaper advertising fell 13.2% Magazine 7.6%.
how traditional media advertising market in the first half of 2014? Recently, the China Advertising Association, Press Club, CTR (CTR) Joint Media Intelligence released first half of 2014 the Chinese newspaper advertising market analysis report (hereinafter the report). The report shows that traditional media advertising market continues to hover in the low growth in the first half of the State of radio, outdoor, low growth of television concern, intensifying the decline of print media.

today traditional media advertising only increase 0.9%
according to CTR media intelligence data in January-June, and growth in traditional media advertising 0.9%, than the 5 months before retreating. Specifically, TV 1.9%, radio 13.1%, outdoor 7.5%, newspapers 13.2%, Journal of 7.6%.
, in June China's traditional media advertising fell 6.4%, overall decline in all kinds of media, TV 6.7%, Radio 3.4%, outdoor 2.5%, newspapers fell 5.2% down 12.4% magazine June compared with traditional media advertising fell by 0.3%, the second time this year monthly growth (February 1.5%). Among them, TV 0.1%, Radio 18.2%, outdoor 10.5%, newspapers 11.6%, Journal of 8.5%.
in January-June, the main growth-oriented advertising in traditional media, but more for the slow growth. Beverage 4.4%, food 6.1%, drugs increased 6.3%, rising 0.4% entertainment and leisure, medical and health care institutions has increased by 1.8%. Increase was household goods, electrical appliances and telecommunications, respectively, and 34.7% and 15%. Cars rose 6%, real estate due to the 5, 62 consecutive months of falling, only increased by 3.5% in the first half.
drop 13.2%
June newspaper advertisement comes as Brazil during the World Cup, although many newspapers dedicated to strengthen coverage of the World Cup, but the World Cup on a newspaper advertisement without any stimulus. June newspaper advertisement published in case prices dropped by 5.2% per cent decline to 11.6%. In January-June, the cumulative decline in newspaper advertising 13.2%, decline narrowed in the first quarter.
June newspaper advertisement resources (areas) reduced 3.1% per cent, down 11.9%. In January-June, the cumulative decline in advertising resources by 17.6%. The report points out, significant reduction in the amount of advertising resources show no change the plight of newspapers decline.
June newspaper advertisement from the rise and fall. Among them, real estate 10.6%, retail 13%, car 18.4%, post and telecommunication 19%. Greater increase in industry education and training 92.4%, household 9.1%, growth of the entertainment and leisure 4.4%. June newspaper advertisement per cent, real estate 18.8%, retail 30.2%, cars fell by a staggering 41%. In June, drug and food advertising growth, increased by 240.2% and 159.2%, respectively. Other growth industries include health care institutions 41.5%, post and telecommunications 21.8%, household items 10.1%.
January-June, overall declining trend has not changed, the main industry is in decline. Sustained growth after a two-year decline in real estate fell to decline further expanded up to 8%. In January-June, the retail 17.6%, auto dropped 30.9%, entertainment and leisure 9%, 23% drop drug, household appliances dropped by 32.2%. Only growth industries telecommunications 1.1%, household 6.6%, 2.3% in the service industry.
performance against traditional media advertising market in the first half, CTR Senior Adviser Yao Lin in an interview with the China press and publishing Journal reporter said that the growth rate declined significantly, means that the media has reached a crucial moment of transformation. For years, traditional media has been exploring restructuring also has shown a new media form. "This is a long-term process, in the process, the new media and traditional media boundaries are being broken, of traditional media in transition to find new forms and status. Today's slowdown is accelerating tomorrow to start. "

for the first half of the advertisement market optimism this reality, the fact that traditional media is declining is unquestionable, Director of the China Advertising Association, Press Club beam thrifty analysis, the impact of new media, also have affected the economic situation. More important of traditional media in transition speed has not kept pace with changing communication environment. But in his view, the advantage of many of the newspapers, their development is still unstoppable. "Calm, desperate youth, so the newspaper industry is facing a dilemma, may allow their ashes, Phoenix. Because of the bitter experience, easier to reach a consensus. ”

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