Dynamic development of the advertising market in the last decade

people about advertising is in magazine, newspaper and television advertising, but with the rise of Internet and media age, forms of advertising become more and more diversified, especially blogs, Twitter and the rise of the app, and community forums can be your advertising tools. Advertising market in China in the past more than 10 years with changes in a constantly changing environment, the following game and you take a look at this change.
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  throughout the ten-year data, you can more clearly see the advertisers marketing investment share sales trajectory:

first, before the 2008 international financial crisis, 2004-2008 can call advertisers marketing put into active, higher marketing costs as a percentage sales, percentage to double digits mostly reflects this time burning the economic upward trend and more relaxed the internal and external markets.

Second, with 2008 as the watershed year, affected by the external impact of the international financial crisis and internal pressure of economic restructuring in 2008, advertisers marketing costs account for share sales in single digit territory.

third, 2012 advertisers marketing costs as a percentage sales dropped to the bottom, but until 2014, three years advertisers marketing charges a percentage of sales was slightly slower recovery. Show advertisers market cautiously optimistic attitude about the future.

advertising is widespread and Terminal promotion fast

media advertising placement fee Terminal promotion costs in advertising and consumer-facing marketing breakdown of costs of the first and second place. Decade, the proportion of advertisers in the media advertising costs showed a trend of slowly fell. Experience 10 years from 2005 39.1% volatility slowly declined until 2014 34.9%. Consumer-oriented Terminal promotional costs from 2005 to 22.6% per cent, volatility has risen to 30.7% in 2014.

TV is still King, the Internet and media location swaps

decade television has been advertisers occupy an important position in the media mix. From 38.2% in 2004 to 30.1% expected in 2014, though sliding, but always high. Ten years in advertising in the main allocation media advertising placement fee, newspapers and the Internet location of the interchange.

TV, CCTV and a strong provincial satellite TV, the Internet search engine and video site

data display for 12 consecutive years, CCTV and provincial satellite TV has been occupied in the advertisers ' TV advertisement again. Especially after the financial crisis in 2009, CCTV and provincial satellite TV is out of the more obvious upward trend. And County TV advertisers in media investment show downward trend, further strengthened this trend after 2009.

data show for three consecutive years, search engines, video Web sites, SNS community media by advertisers favor increased in recent years. Portals, Twitter and other Internet media because interactive is not strong reasons such as not mature enough attention or marketing products continued to decline.

differentiation consolidation

media advertising revenue from the general optimism that weak polarization

with advertiser prudential tightening of marketing investment, revenue for media advertising market has been directly affected. Media advertising market has been maintained up to 80~90% of the actual advertising revenue growth or flat. But in 2013, with economic stimulus effects of fading, media respondents with more than 55% actual decline in ad revenue. Differentiation of the media advertising market, increasing consolidation, the strong get stronger and the weak weaker Matthew manifest.

TV, Internet advertising revenue is relatively optimistic, newspapers, magazines, significantly increased survival

since 2008, newspapers, magazines, media advertising operation begins to be significant fluctuations, since 2011 fell sharply by 2013 of actual advertising revenue growth of newspapers, magazines, media has been significantly lower than that of television and Internet media.

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