Mobile video advertising innovations, TV advertising is no longer applicable

  with the development of science, technology and environment, the popularity of smart phones, more and more of the advertising industry to look into the mobile video advertising. Mobile video advertising, will become an advertising star, more advertisers will be willing to put money into it. Brand managers, marketing managers, creative directors, media planning as well as the ecosystems in all (including myself) are happy to think of themselves as innovative. We are looking for the hottest, newest, and never was a big idea. Easy to say but hard to do. Of course, there are some brands on the mobile video experiments, creating unique advertising for the small screen. However, most of the video ad is far too big and let people out of spirits.
perhaps because our digital advertising has made some serious mistakes in the field. Frankly, the banner to arouse your interest? Page pop-up ads, you tried to click "x" to close it, but go to another site, do you like it? With the development of the media, we are better able to take control of their own material to read, digital advertising looks more like a very bad user experience.
the emergence of new media, new opportunities to shine. With the rapid development of mobile video, whether it is professional or consumer, we should really think about what is the best digital advertising.
for many brands, television is still a gold index. TV will not go away; in fact, TV everywhere, across all screens. If correct, then, TV advertising will become the inspiration of digital advertising. In fact, many brands are trying to mimic as much as possible on television ads on the mobile device, and it happens to be their mistake.
you can't simply put a 30-second advertisements directly on the mobile device. Well, you can do that, but maybe you shouldn't have done it. The vast majority of mobile content consumption occurs at home; but we estimated that approximately 42% of mobile content consumption is not at home. Your advertising experience must be able to keep up with users spending potential timing for moving content can.
Why do people carry their mobile phones anytime, anywhere? Because they can use their phones to work. Watch and consumers is one thing, but can interact with others in the new world is another matter. Passive viewing of content you only so much, but you can take the initiative to share the photos but there are countless. Interactive – people want to give everyone a chance, they will participate.
However, you have to be careful, do not let the mess to the crazy State. Banner advertising is still in its infancy when, we make them very bright, just because we can do it. However, just because you are able to do so, it adds 5 buttons on the video ad, which doesn't make it a notable advertising. Test please consider: what can make your ads more useful, more exciting? Content marketing is the best throughout the entire Internet. If you are selling new PS4, users can immediately tap the a button to view the nearby retailers. If you're launching a luxury that allows users to watch a celebrity videos on this product.
I know in order to make the 30-second TV ad is perfect, a group of people pay hundreds or thousands of hours of labor. But this does not mean that applies to this ad anywhere. When played on a mobile device, this 30-second advertisement you may only be a video resource, an installation that is not suitable for broadcast during prime time.
we can see, in this golden age of digital advertising, not just advertising for advertising, more is to think about how to make a good advertising. Advertising services, please continue to focus more on game network.
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