New media, development of Internet advertising

developments over the past five years advertising market mainly comes from the expansion of the economy, and market share stable (the size of the market share of the GPD sustained stability in the 0.5%-0.9% range, as shown in Figure 2). Context of economic slowdown in the short term, we believe that the development of the advertising market from 2 drive: (1) the stable growth of the economy, (2) accounts for continuing improvement.

2013 China advertising market size as a percentage of GDP was 0.9%, a long time before hovering between 0.6% and 0.75%, this value with the United States, and Japan and other countries significantly lower than scope. On one hand, China's ad market started late, industry, market maturity of dispersion is lower, media resources have not been fully explored.

on the other hand, domestic enterprises in a stage of product advertising, has not yet commenced for brand-building, construction and maintenance, advertising budget is relatively low. As China's economic restructuring, innovation strategy, brand strategy, sustainability, we believe that national advertisers ' budgets will be greatly improved, the media resource prices will continue to rise, to drive market share rising gradually closer to United States. The next five years, we believe that the advertising market share of GDP could reach 1%-2%, compound annual growth rate reached 10%-20%, five years have trillion-dollar scale.

market structure: a steady drop in traditional media, digital media

the rapid development of the new media and the traditional media of fusion showed a clear trajectory, represented by the Internet and mobile Internet rapid development of new digital media.

users of television media day arrival rate has slipped to 82.19% from 92% in 2009, newspapers and magazines from slipping to 09 in 53.52%, and strong growth in digital media, the Internet and mobile Internet 63.89% and 41.94% in second and fourth place respectively.

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