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Advertising media on like sea in the of a leaves boats, will commodity of information convey to global of each a corner, and now of advertising media also in with times of progress, increasingly diversification has, and traditional advertising (newspaper, and magazine, and TV, and broadcast) compared, Internet advertising it can track, and research user of preference, this is it relative traditional media marketing of advantage, is its precision marketing of based. In 2009, China's Internet advertising revenue beyond the advertising, in 2011, the China Internet advertising revenues surpass newspaper advertising revenue, according to some estimates, in 2014, China's Internet advertising revenue will surpass TV ad revenue, then emerging media advertising will surpass the previous traditional advertising?
   Masahide spread China's advertising market growth forecast for 2013 9.7%, 2014 from 2013 10.5%, China's advertising market-leading GDP growth again in 2013 and 2014. 2013 overall television advertising market in China is expected to have 130 billion yuan more than in 2012 11.5%.
   TV ad market in 2013, has obviously improved. Television advertising revenue growth in the third quarter before 2013. Based on this trend, Masahide propagation prediction 2013 overall television advertising market in China is expected to have 130 billion yuan, more than in 2012 11.5%.
   on October 15, 2013 and CCTV jointly organized by the various television media "TV influence of China Development Forum", the CSM Media Research Vice President Zheng Weidong said that by the end of 2012, the size of the TV audience reached 1.282 billion, close to 100%, 538 million Internet audience size, only the TV audience size of 42% in the Internet audience, Online video user 389 million, is 30% of the TV audience, "people who use the Internet at home every day not to watch TV every day number of one-third. Internet video on the television impact limited, network interaction instead of expanding the audience size of the show, and TV ratings have been underestimated. "
   from the TOP rankings of the major video sites can be found, whether through the Terminal, audiences will still be a large number of watches produced television content, domestic video websites are also keen on introduction from the television program. Zheng Weidong said that traditional TV viewership, has been unable to fully reflect the television ratings, ratings will be combined with the traditional viewing of the new survey and data analysis, cross-platform, Terminal communication around, concerned about the social development of television, established TV direct contact with consumers.
   in terms of advertising dollars in 2013, food, beverage, wine, real estate, cleaning supplies, and agricultural growth is rapid, Procter and Gamble led the mass consumer product advertisers increase investment in TV advertising, Procter and Gamble 2013 half TV advertising increased last year by 69%, to new highs in recent years. Remember a couple of years ago, advertisers have publicly said it will cut TV put on the budget, but this year many enterprises openly acknowledged that television advertising cuts have had a negative impact on brand building, the next television will be returned. The other hand, Internet companies, particularly the electric business into television advertising, became the source of television advertising in key industries.
   Dean of school of communication University of China Advertising Huang shengmin says 2012 TV on the premise of resources reduces the amount of advertising 10.3% publish spending still grew 6.4%, up to 76% 's share of the overall advertising market; Internet media growth reached 24%, but only 5% per cent share. "Television media since the whole base is great, even a small increase, the absolute value of its growth is still considerable. Growth reflects the media development and growth momentum, but a whole order of magnitude should be considered, so that media advertising in more objective evaluation, judgment. "
   traditional advertising (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio) has has an inherent set of system development, and for Internet advertising, a new way of advertising, development is not very good. Many advertisers think, force the means to accept violations means that influence. But in general this will only make the audience more, and especially Internet advertising. Internet advertising violations (mandatory advertisements, compulsory registration, a pop-up page) makes some backfire effect. Print media has special authority, television broadcasting media has special powers of persuasion. Convinced of the Internet gives people more than any other medium. Especially now that a wide variety of websites, hard to distinguish between true and false. Enterprises in the Internet advertising services to more carefully. This is a major disadvantage of Internet advertising.

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