TV-integration of Twitter marketing media advertising business value stack

with the arrival of more screen time, and integrated development of media convergence has become a trend. Media has its own unique features, but at the same time the interaction and mutual integration.
    present, officially opened in Sina micro-blog TV stations, TV channels and shows more than 7,000, television and Twitter integration diversified features, arts, sports, movies, news, and other different types of TV shows various forms of cooperation with Twitter. This provides a rich integrated marketing opportunities for advertisers.

   , however, in order to integrate PC end, mobile, TV-side environments such as multiple screens, but for advertisers, but want to achieve platform-TV-Twitter business value stack is more difficult.

    producers of TV content, but also the main producer of microblog content, Twitter TV content is not a simple copy television content, with good processing characteristics, is the most typical way of interactive television. Then, Twitter and cooperation across TV screens, how to play? Following, we are publishing Sina weibo microblog TV cooperation strategy which, for example, slightly elaborate.

    cross-screen collaboration mechanism: turn Twitter into a new standard

    in a foreign country, according to the AC Nielsen and Twitter, according to a joint report, when users Watch programs, the 29% study sample indicate that, at least in some periods the audience Twitter activity caused the TV ratings increase. Social communication becomes the new trend of development of TV media at home and abroad.

    domestic case study of Sina weibo, the blogger user groups and television viewers there is a high degree of coincidence between degrees. When the voice of China, where is the father in the TV show hit at the same time, also attracts viewers by means of micro-blogging "ridicule" spread, forming a hot topic and attract more attention of Internet users. These Internet users participating in the discussion, for the TV industry, has plenty of attractive, because they can pick up the remote control turn on the TV at any time to find out.

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